Get Licensed

We offer licensing opportunities for large organisations as well as small business education and training providers.

This enables the licensee to offer assessment and related training under our licence. They use our material and methods and are trained and quality-assured by us.

Our SMME licensees are independent and market their own services to the wider market in numerous different business sectors and regions.

Large organisations are licensed by us to train their own staff under our accreditation and using our materials customised for them at a fraction of the costs of outsourced training.

Assessment College offers the following key benefits to our SMME licensees:
  • accreditation through Assessment College
  • quality materials and proven methodology
  • national branding of the Assessment College quality
  • quality assurance built into the equation
  • legitimacy and credibility
  • quick turnaround on certification
  • certificates with your own logo
  • online access to our database regarding your own learners
  • cutting edge expertise at your fingertips.

The licensing process

Selection criteria for candidate (learner) facilitators

To qualify as a facilitator, a candidate must have:

  • subject matter expertise in his or her own occupation
  • training or educational experience
  • enthusiasm for assessment training
  • communication skills
  • facilitation skills, and
  • pre-knowledge of the NQF and Skills Act.

Additional training for candidate (learner) facilitators:

In addition to meeting the above criteria, facilitators of licensed companies and individuals licensed to facilitate Assessment College workshops are trained extensively.

Should you wish to apply to become a licensee, please click here.