Become an Assessor

Assessors must be registered. To register you need a certificate against the unit standard:  Conduct Outcomes-based assessment

We offer accredited assessor training for Unit Standard 115753 over a period of three days, and can be accessed in two ways:

  • Regular scheduled public courses in Parktown or Boksburg
  • In-house courses for organisations

We also present the Power Course. This course is offered over five days and includes the portfolio building.

Do assessor training with us and get:

  • results within four to eight weeks from the date of submission of portfolio
  • an understanding of how to do assessment in the workplace

Who should be trained as assessors?

  • Line staff such as supervisors responsible for assessment in the workplace
  • HR and HRD practitioners
  • Teachers, lecturers and trainers.

What entry qualification is needed?

All you need is a qualification or experience, on one level higher, in the occupation or subject matter that you are to assess.

How long does it take?

Our Assessor courses run over three or five days.

What you learn:

Our workshop equips you to understand:

  • the NQF system and the Skills development Act
  • assessment principles and methods
  • assessment processes and procedures
  • evidence gathering and presentation
  • recognition of prior learning
  • how to develop a portfolio of evidence.

We can do a quote on in-house training for 8 or more learners.

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