Our Track Record


  • The College has trained over 26 000 assessors, 7 000 moderators, 1 000 assessment designers, 200 verifiers,
    350 SDFs and 1 000 mentors.
  • We have set up assessment/RPL systems in various countries, companies and SETAs.
  • We empowered small businesses and corporate companies to ‘own’ their own staff development, and developed skills programmes and qualifications against registered unit standards.
  • We provide learners with NQF certification.
  • The College has successfully implemented and managed large projects in the SETA environment, such as:

        ▫ Services SETA – over 300 providers monitored and verified
         TETA – outsourced functions to our college includes desk evaluations of all providers for accreditation,
           monitoring visits to providers, accreditation visits and registration of assessors and moderators
        ▫ HW SETA – monitoring visits to 50 providers
        ▫ AgriSETA – monitoring, verification and accreditation visits to 350 providers. This project was extended
           for another further period.
        ▫ LG SETA - training of ODETDP.
  • Namibia Training Authority (NTA) - consultation, quality assurance and training
  • Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) - consultation, training and quality assurance.
  • SASCOC - consultation, training and quality assurance.
  • In addition, the College spends many hours of volunteer work in education and training. 
  • Examples of such volunteer work are:

  participation in SAQA committees, including the SAQA Board and Appeals Committee
  served on various standard setting and qualification development SGBs
  ETQA Forum attendance and participation
  founders of the National Moderator Forum and
  founder member and active participation in APPETD (Association for Private Providers in
     Education, Training & Development).

  • Team

    Our team consists of high level individuals, all with experience in quality assurance.

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  • BEE Status

    We are a Level One Contributor to Broad-Based Transformation.

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