Meet our People

  • Fransie Terblanche - Project Manager

    Fransie Terblanche was involved in professional library and information education and training and chaired the Department of Information Science at Unisa. For her Masters and Doctoral qualifications she did extensive research on professional development of staff as well as on the utilisation of human resources in the organisation before she started as a project manager with AC.


  • Financial Management - Finances

    Vanessa Naidu is our Finance Manager. Our finance department manages the budget of AC.

What You Can Expect

Use us to save your organisation money and improve the effectiveness of your staff. You can expect:

  • One or both national and international certification from SAQA and City and Guilds

  • BBBEE recognition of 135% for purchases made from us

  • Informed and sophisticated knowledge provided through lively, participative workshops, conferences and newsletters

  • Professionally produced material and content relevant to the NQF and customised to your needs

  • ETD Practitioners and SDFs who understand the context within which they function

  • A thorough knowledge of evidence guides, assessment tools and assessment methods suited to particular occupations or professions

  • Support in setting up a complete assessment system, including policies and procedures